Our certifications for your satisfaction

Fael Luce, confirming the qualitative approach that characterizes the entire structure and corporate culture, produces its lighting fixtures in compliance with national and international standards to ensure the utmost security and lighting efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality System
FAEL Spa got the C.S.Q. - I.Q.N.E.T. quality certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 rule. It’s an important recognition of the quality processes which allows the Customers to be absolutely confident in the faithful fulfillment of commitments and the continuity of business relationships. These are the main points of the business policy to which FAEL Spa cannot absolutely renounce.

IQNet (International Certification Network) is the largest certification network in the world. CISQ (Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems) and CSQ (Certification of Quality Systems) belong to this network and they have certified that Fael quality system complies with ISO 9001:2015, for the design, manufacturing and marketing of lighting fixtures.

DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATION (last release 12/2017)
WEB site: www.iqnet-certification.com

Environmental Certification System ISO 14001:2015
Fael Spa has obtained the certification of the C.S.Q. - I.Q.N.E.T. according to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.
It is an important recognition of environmental attention in the management of productive and non-productive business processes, which allows customers to have absolute peace of mind regarding the environmental impact of the production of the products ordered and purchased.
Another fundamental element of the company policy that Fael Spa considers essential.

WEB Site: www.iqnet-certification.com

CE Marking
The CE marking placed on the product and on the package means conformity to the European Community standards: LV/73/23/ CEE - 93/68/CEE - 2006/95 CE EMC 89/336/ CEE - 92/31/CEE - 93/68/ CEE - 2004/108/CE.

ENEC Marking
ENEC is the European mark for the certification of lighting products and related accessories. For admission to the brand, Fael products are subjected to tests carried out by a third party who has the right to use its own laboratories and inspectors for the regular visits to the company. The certification body (accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2012 - Conformity assessment - Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection) affixes the ENEC certificate only after the product is in conformity with the directives and standards in force in the European Community. The products that satisfy the “ENEC AGREEMENT” have a valid certification for all the signatory countries ENEC, which currently are:

OVE (Austria) IMQ (Italy) BSI (United Kingdom)
CEBEC (Belgium) SEE (Luxenbourg) TUV (Rheinaland)
DEMKO (Denmark) NEMKO (Norway) EZU (Czech Republic)
FIMKO (Finland) KEMA (Netherlands) SIQ (Slovenia)
LCIE (France) IPQ (Portugal) AENOR (Spain)
VDE (Germany) TUV (PS) SEMKO (Sweden)
ELOT (Greece) ASTA (United Kingdom) SEV (Switzerland)
NSAI (Ireland) BEAB (United Kingdom) MEEI (Hungary)

WEB site: www.enec.com

Fael products are manufactured in compliance with the safety rule CEE 73/23 and will not compromise the safety of people, domestic animals or property, if correctly installed, in accordance with their intent, and properly mounted.

ROHS 2 - 2011/65/EU Directive
All lighting fixtures manufactured by FAEL Spa, comply to the European directive "2011/65/EU ROHS 2 - Restriction of dangerous substances in electrical and electronical equipments".

How to find us

Via Euripide, 12/14 - 20864
Agrate Brianza (MB) Italy
p. +39 039 63411
f. +39 039 653868
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