Fael environmentally friendly

We strongly believe that technique and spirituality can rediscover the harmony that binds them both. We are convinced that what man creates should be linked with the pleasure of sharing what is produced for his well-being. Our raw material is light, essential element for life, and we desire to offer the best that technology can give to create light in its most natural and functional shapes.

We know that we always have to look for the harmonic convergence between technological performance and the magic of light sources and we often face endless and creative challenges in order to determine the evolution of our products in the most efficient way. The certainty that what we produce is perfectly integrated in the concept of ecological sensibility of living together and of the culture of energy saving, so to unite rationality and emotionality.

In which way?

First of all, our factory is equipped with solar panels to produce clean, renewable energy that makes us independent in the industrial process. Then, we engage in the research for products with low environmental impact, favoring the use of ecofriendly materials, such as aluminum, and reducing the use of copper and plastic components.

Finding solutions that increase performance and energy saving, harmonize emotion and functionality, improve wellbeing and quality of life... a continuous creative challenge that we like to win.

For the good of all.

  • 830 solar panels installed
  • More than 100 tons of CO2 per year not emitted into the atmosphere

How to find us

Via Euripide, 12/14 - 20864
Agrate Brianza (MB) Italy
p. +39 039 63411
f. +39 039 653868
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