Fael LITE 10.0 Lighting engineering software

Fael-Lite is an application which has been developed for determining illumination and luminance values in internal, external end street contexts. It is a 32 and 64-bit programme which runs on the WINDOWS 95 and 98 platform and can operate in 2D or 3D environments of all shapes and sizes including circular areas and locations. The extremely attractive format alongside the implementation of the standard WINDOWS 95 menu system makes this application a very useful tool for planners, installers, and end-users. The programme is capable of determining horizontal and vertical illuminations, vertical illuminations in the direction of the camera, semicylindricals, luminance, and glare indexes, all in line with the most recent UNI (Italian Standards Institute) and CEI recommendations.

For internal environments, the application can determine and automatically position lamps according to the level of illumination desired and with consideration for reflections between walls, the floor and the ceiling.
The results can be previewed in a graphical format as isolux curves and three dimensional isolux. Functionality is provided for the management of tower racks for external projectors by means of which it is possible to duplicate the equipment according to axes of symmetry which can be determined. The programme interfaces with the external catalogue from which it is possible to obtain technical information on the lamps such as: design features, photographs, descriptions, information, photometric curves. At the printing stage, it is possible to choose a different language from that used during the planning stage.

To download the lighting software and the updated database (May 2016), sign in or register to the reserved area by clicking here

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