49-56-63-70-75-84,91 LED 530mA
49-56-63-70-75-84,91 LED 700mA
49-56-63-70-75-84-91 XM-L-2 800mA
42-49-56-63-70-75-84 XM-L-2 900mA
49-56-63-70-75-84-91 XM-L-2 1000mA
70-75-84-91 XM-L-2 700mA


  • Silver
IP 66

A “challenge” towards new dimension of lighting business: with this particular intention Fael LUCE created CHALLENGE, to offer a solution that contemplates a diverse content with highly advanced lighting efficiency.


  • Streetlight composed of 49 to 91 LED.
  • Singlechip LED technology (Luxeon T type) and XML 2 type on a pressed aluminum circuit, highly heat dissipating MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board).
  • Color temperature: 4000K/5000K.
  • High efficiency electronic power source and duration, intended for external use. All versions are protected against overloads and surges to protect components and LEDs.
  • The system, both in CL I and in CL II, is equipped with a knife switch to interrupt the power feed at the device’s opening.
  • Cable plate complete with easily replaceable electronic unit with “Plug and Play” anti-inversion system.
  • Pressure compensation filter in Teflon
  • Opening provides access to optics and cable box in a single, easy step by using the anterior quick release clip in stainless steel.
  • To prevent accidental closure of the cover during assembly and maintenance, the device is equipped with an automatic anti-closing mechanism.
  • The power supply cable accesses the device through a PG 16 cable gland (IP68).
  • Power supply 220 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz VAC and also available in 120-277V / 50-60 Hz VAC.
  • Power correction factor > 0.9.
  • Insulation class I and II.
  • Overall protection degree: IP66.
  • Protection degree against external impacts: IK08
  • CE certifications.
  • ENEC approval: the laboratory tests were conducted at an ambient temperature of + 35°C and the endurance test at + 45°C. Normally the streetlights are approved by conducting tests at an ambient temperature of + 25°C.
  • Construction norms in compliance with EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-3.
  • CL I: up to 10kV.
  • CL II: up to 6kV.
  • Risk group exempt from this according to EN 62471.
  • Body and cover in die cast aluminum.
  • Upper cover with smooth finish of highly aesthetic aspect and an inner heat removal system.
  • Adjustable pole mount in die cast aluminum.
  • Rear cover for closing pole mount in high resistance plastic material.
  • Coated in silver-colored polyester powders (RAL 9006).
  • Gaskets in anti-aging rubber.
  • Extra-clear tempered glass, 4mm thick.
  • Closure clip in stainless steel.

Floodlight weight 14,30 kg
Surface wind resistance with tilt 20° 0,084 m2
Installation   on pole
Installation height 4 ÷ 16 m
Installation on straight pole Ø 46 mm ÷ 76 mm, tilt 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°, +20°
Side entry installation Ø 46 mm ÷ 76 mm, tilt , 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°
Fixing device pole to bring the tilt luminaire at 0° in case of side entry installation with tilt of 5°, 10°, 15° and 20°.
To download the dxf/dwg files, please register and get access to the reserved area
To download the dxf/dwg files, please register and get access to the reserved area
Wall bracket electro welded hot-dip galvanized
Wall bracket electro welded hot-dip galvanized

Modular wall bracket galvanized
Modular wall bracket galvanized

Corner bracket electro welded galvanized
Corner bracket electro welded galvanized

Modular corner bracket galvanized
Modular corner bracket galvanized

Code Description
18332 Extra-clear tempered glass 4 mm thick



Safeway® optic, multilayer type, designed and patented in-house to guarantee an high level of uniformity even in the unlikely event of individual LED failure.
The glare effect, typical of the individual to point emission sources, is dramatically reduced thanks to mixed refraction/refl ection system:

  • The refraction of the light is obtained by means of appropriate lenses for each single LED. The material used for the lenses is of first choice with significant optical properties and highly resistant to the optical and thermal decline over time.
  • The light reflection is obtained with aluminum reflectors (99.99% of purity) highly efficient, allowing to optimize the lighting project.

Available optics:

  • AB1 Optic: for carriageway with a width greater than 0.85 times the height of installation; suitable for large and high-speed roadways.
  • B1 Optic: for carriageway with a width equal to or less than 0.85 times the height of installation, suitable for urban roads, car parks and bike paths.

CUT-OFF emissions with zero-impact when the floodlight is installed with the glass parallel to the ground.
For the illumination of carriageways with special geometric structures, please contact Fael LUCE headquarter.

How to find us

Via Euripide, 12/14 - 20864
Agrate Brianza (MB) Italy
p. +39 039 63411
f. +39 039 653868
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