Transport AG Aarau

Transport AG Aarau - Hallenbeleuchtung «entsorgBar»

The Transport AG Aarau is the Office for the Environment of the cantons of Aargau and Solothurn recognized disposal operation and a versatile service provider in the field of environmentally sound waste management. 2012 the company built a disposal hall, commercial and residential, as "disposable" and with a total area of 4200 m2. The lighting requirements were varied, due to the division of the hall into different areas.

According to the prescribed by the builder conditions were correspondingly different illuminant types used: "High Bays" and asymmetric headlight in 250-400 watt range.


Hall Area: 4200 m2
Rest area: 2600 m2
Mounting height of the luminaire: 8 - 13 meters
Special conditions

  • In the back of the hall: almost 100 Lux
  • in the front area: about 120 Lux
  • Exterior: 400 Watt

How to find us

Via Euripide, 12/14 - 20864
Agrate Brianza (MB) Italy
p. +39 039 63411
f. +39 039 653868
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